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The Council For the Assistance to Earth is the only Multi-versal council specifically aiding Earth at this time. The Council, while assisting the Earth in many facets, is focusing at the present time on aiding the Earth and its inhabitants, including the non-human inhabitants, with its Ascension process into a Physical Light Body. Six members and one ally of the Council speak to and through Isis-Neith Shanti. The Council For the Assistance to Earth takes an active role with Earth's individuals and will assist anyone who calls upon them. These are the seven who speak through Isis-Neith Shanti along with what you can specifically call them for. The Council can also be called as a whole. Faleekastrina is the Head of the Council For the Assistance to Earth. She resides on the 11th dimension and is on the highest vibration of all the council members. She can be called upon to increase your own vibration and to help you pinpoint your Reality's desires. Fongeetale (fuhn-ghee-tah-lay) is 2nd to Faleekastrina, Head of the Council, and he can be called upon to assist you with your emotional, mental, energetic and/or physical well being. Ezekiel Memchat (Mihm-kat) is 3rd to Faleekastrina, Head of the Council, and can be called upon to bring you clarity, especially when it comes to discerning your true path and to dispel negativity and/or confusion around you. Plashdar is 4th to Faleekastrina, Head of the Council, and is the spokesperson on behalf of the Council. She can be called upon for gathering information and acquiring esoteric knowledge. Safon oversees all in-and-out-going communications for the Council. He can be called upon for protection, especially from the energies of people, animals, plants and other physical objects around you which are holding a negative energy. Talia leads the Spiritual rituals held by the Council, along with her male counterpart. She can be called upon to increase your emotional capacity, and for gaining empathic and other psychic abilities. The Eternal Child resides on the 13th dimension and while not an official member of the Council, it closely allies itself with the Council. The Eternal Child cannot be seen by the Reptilians as it has achieved too high a vibration. It can be called upon for the protection and comfort of psychic children and can be called upon by adults to free their inner child and activate their eternal youthfulness DNA. Isis-Neith Shanti is the Communicator for the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Born as a crystal child with the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and physical mediumship, she began receiving messages from the Council at a young age. When she reached the age of 15 the Council began training her to adeptly hear them. In order to remain pure of ideas and concepts outside the Council's teachings, they did not allow her to read any channeled materials. They slowly cleared Isis-Neith of thought forms and negative energies that held beliefs not in alignment with her Reality and with the teachings of the Council. For seven years she lived in near solitude, only speaking to a few individuals and only going to gatherings she was specifically guided to attend. This purging period removed all the old, stale teachings from her mind and body that were not in alignment with her Reality and allowed the Council to give her new teachings, previously unknown. Each day during this period, Isis-Neith would communicate with the Council consciously and also through physical mediumship, sometimes fasting the entire day and listening to the Council and other high vibrational beings bringing forth their teachings. After that time she was guided to share the messages with others. For group communications, group healings and interview please contact: Louise Herzog 760.644.2106 AscensionKeys@aol.com

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